What Bout Us

A scissor kick is what you do as a lifeguard in a deep water rescue; keeps your head above water. This band was created by lifeguards, and keeping our head above water is what music does for us. Music tends to be the intangible fleeting experience that can save a life, so we call ourselves Scissor Kick.

Jesse, Carlos, Herbie, Danny and Mercedes are the members who make up Scissor Kick; 3 lifeguards, 2 combat veterans, and a professional big wave surfer. Playing an alternative rock style of music, we are ready to bring it.

We have played in 2 benefit shows (one hosted by us); one for Huricane Harvey Relief, and the other was Tots for Tots to support the Ronald McDonald House.

We are finishing the production of our first EP called “Flood Prep."

We plan on playing at least two more shows in Austin before the end of the year, so keep in touch. 

www.scissorkickaustin.com is our official website, everything you need to know will be on there to include our social media links and Tech Rider.

We just want to use our powers for good

-Scissor Kick Family


  • 01



    Texas State Home Coming

    We are performing in Texas States event 01 November. See you there.

    07:00:00 PM

  • 26



    Gregg-Clark Park


    06:40:00 PM

  • 31



    Dirty Dog Bar

    Hurricane Harvey Benefit Show https://tinyurl.com/ydbyhnew

    09:00:00 PM

  • 17



    Full Circle Bar

    Tots For Tots is a benefit show for the Ronald McDonald's House, hosted by Austin ADPI Alumni. FREE SHOW

    02:00:00 PM

  • 17



    Kiva Lounge and Bar

    Scissor Kick @ KIVA Facebook Event Scissor Kick, Chris Sullinvan And The Moonrunners, Telecom FREE SHOW

    09:00:00 PM

  • 06



    Dirty Dog Bar

    Scissor Kick is back to Dirty Dog with: JICKY, Chris Sullivan And The Moonrunners, (TBD) Show is FREE at the door if you are 21+/ $10 for under 21 years old.

    09:00:00 PM

  • 10



    Battle of the Bands for Forty Acre Fest

    SAC (Student Activity Center, University of Texas 2.410) *see event in "Whats going on" Scissor Kick Zach Person ZILBL Jicky The Jibs

    07:00:00 PM

Whats Going On

  • Texas State Homecoming
    Wednesday, November 01 2017

    Our Next perfromance is at Texas State during their homecoming week. Look foward to seeing everyone

    -Scissor Kick

  • Battle of the Bands 10 Oct
    Tuesday, October 10 2017

    Heres the Face book link to the event


    Facebook Event

  • EP Flood Prep
    Friday, September 08 2017

    The EP is almost finished. We will officially release Flood Prep on October 6Th, at Dirty Dog Bar Austin, TX. Everyone who has subscribed to receive an EP will get it as soon as we get the masters.

    We appreciate your support and look forward to doing more for our community.

    The Scissor Kick Family

  • Scissor Kick Benefit
    Friday, September 01 2017

    I want thank everyone who showed up at the benefit show for Greater Houston Community Foundation on such short notice.

    We raised some money; all donations and our proceeds from the show are going to help with Hurricane Harvey's devastation. If you didn't make it last night, go to Mohawks tonight for the same organization in order to help bring relief. Thank you again for your support, we all had a blast.

    See everyone at Full Circle and/or KIVA Sunday, 17 Sep.

  • Hurricane Harvey
    Wednesday, August 30 2017

    We had to originally cancel this show due to our singer, Jesse, being activated for the TX National Guard Flood Relief. He was relieved of duty but we still want to help, so now we are making this show a benefit show for Hurricane Harvey Relief.

    The show is free (21+) and $5 at the door for under 21. We will accept donations to help the hurricane Harvey victims as well as provide information to donate by other means.
    All the proceeds made by Scissor Kick will also be donated to www.ghcf.org

    Sicssor Kick™

  • Hurricane Harvey and Dirty Dog
    Tuesday, August 29 2017

    As everyone is hopefully aware, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey is hardship and tragedy. Families with no homes to return to and lives lost to the floods. This has been a hard week for some and even worse for others.

    Two members of Scissor Kick are enlisted in the Texas Army National Guard and one of them has been activated to assist all those people who need assistance.

    We have to announce that the show with Scissor Kick, Jicky and Telecom will be canceled. As unfortunate as this may be to cancel the show, it's nowhere near as unfortunate as the events that are transpiring around us with Hurricane Harvey. I hope you all can understand and we thank you for your support.

    Have a safe and productive rest of the week.

    We will reschedule our EP release at a date TBD.
    -Scissor Kick™

  • New Member To The Family
    Tuesday, August 29 2017

    Approximately one month ago, our bass player, Cody Casteel, left the band with no ill will or hard feelings against him. Upon him leaving, it put us on the search for a new bass player. A bass player that wasn't just going to "fill in" but to stick around and become a part of the family. It had to be someone who could really enjoy and commit to the music as much as we do.

    After going through a few prospects we found someone who came through with what we needed. Mercedes came in very alert and asked all the right questions. She expressed excitement and joy with the songs just as we do when performing them. Her proficiency with her instrument exceeded our expectations for bringing someone in without any prior exposure to our music.

    The Scissor Kick family agreed that Mercedes was the best fit. She wanted to be a part of our music and we wanted to have her on the team. Since being a part of the band, she has brought more than just her bass playing to the table; she has brought other skills and capabilities to the group that has helped us all run a little more efficiently as a band.

    We look forward to what the future brings to Scissor Kick!

    Welcome aboard Mercedes Maidana!


  • The Struggle Is Real
    Thursday, July 13 2017

    January 1st of 2017 is when we officially became Scissor Kick. It's a rare thing in my experience to come across being a part of a group with the same ambition, drive and motivation to accomplish the same goal. The willingness to make the necessary sacrifices and push through the challenges in order to reach that goal.

    Our first sacrifice for us is time; time away from our kids and wife, girlfriends, friends, and families. We have missed birthdays, hangouts and precious moments to be with the ones we care about. I've missed moments on the couch sitting with my wife and getting to know her after each day, putting my kids to bed and many dinner conversations. We do this to write and develop music for the world to experience. The reward happens in those 3 1/2- 5 min segments of playing our music with each other building the excitement in our being to share it with all of you. Time won't be refunded nor compensated, it is fleeting so when we make that sacrifice we make sure not to waste it.

    Our next sacrifice would have to be money. I think that with anything we do now-days, money is a large consideration. A representation of time and energy spent is now being redirected on something else we will spend more time and energy to create. Paying for rehearsal space, recording time, gear needed to play our instruments, gas, and the list goes on. The money factor is simple to accomplish with budgeting. We set an amount each month for all considerations. This keeps us honest and our expectations practical. Money isn't everything though. If we don't have the money to accomplish something one way we will find a way to make it work. We started off practicing in my dining room; no PA, no monitors, just playing through amps and singing through a Crate bass amp. We got it done to where we knew we have something to offer.

    Communication, the one thing we can always improve on. In today's world we have all these ways to communicate but somehow we are human and shit happens. This is an obstacle but none the less something to be improved and developed over the years.

    What makes all these struggles worth the squeeze is the bond we shared before we started playing music together. Three of us share military experiences and the understanding of "the big green weenie" and four of us were lifeguards together at Barton Springs Pool in Austin, TX which is a very active job.

    When we started playing music together it made everything good turn great and everything shitty just made sense. This is how we cope with life and its many struggles to come. To be honest, though it makes it better having you here with us to listen and share this experience in the oldest way to tell a story...song and music.


  • Flood Prep
    Friday, July 07 2017

    The recording process is over. It has taken us a while to get all the tracks laid down, since April to be exact. Jesse finished the vocal recordings last Wednesday and we had a great rehearsal afterward. Give it 10-14 more days and Flood Prep will be available for listening.

  • Jesse Returns
    Saturday, July 01 2017

    Yesterday, Jesse has returned after being gone for 2 weeks. During that time we worked on the EP's overdubs for the guitars and bass. Now we can focus on the vocals.

    Glad you're back Jesse

  • Food Prep
    Monday, June 26 2017

    Cody and I had a nice session recording the last of the bass part. It sounds really good and took no time at all. It's always good to see my band mates. We only get to see each other twice a week at rehearsal, when we do we have a lot to cover (about the band and on a personally). We are all very excited about this EP, hoping it sets us up for an album in the fall/winter. Flood Prep has really come together so far.


  • Flood Prep
    Sunday, June 18 2017

    After we went to the studio in April, at Space Rehearsal and Recording on Manchaca, our time was spent rehearsing to get a show ready for all of you.

    This past few weeks has been us trying to hammer down the rest of this EP. The biggest obstacle, I think for almost every band, is money; it has been a financial stress to do what we love. Time, we make time to get together, that seems easier than money. All in all this journey to your speakers is well worth all that we go through. We couldn't do any of this without the support of our families; father, mothers, brothers, sisters,

    Time, we make time to get together, that seems easier than money. All in all this journey to your speakers is well worth all that we go through. We couldn't do any of this without the support of our families; fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends and kids. 

  • Flood Prep
    Thursday, June 15 2017

    Currently, we are working to finish our EP, Flood Prep. Juggling, day jobs, family and school around this common goal has been a challenge well worth taking on.

    Please follow and we will keep you up to date on when the EP will be available for digital download and streaming.

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